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Everyone understands all too well that when something is created, it needs to be maintained. It has to be taken care of, so that it doesn’t lose its functionality and reliability. This rule holds true in the Internet space.

Our company has competent specialists with a good knowledge of almost all widely used operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows. Thanks to its long-standing experience in the administration and maintenance of the respective operating systems, the company offers both subscription and emergency professional support for the full range of servers and networks.

Every client can confidently place their trust in „GLOBAL ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS LTD”, for the maintenance of their server system, as well as for the construction thereof, which can be accomplished in two ways:
  • In terms of software – this service includes the installation and configuration of the server software and its applications depending on the client’s specific needs;
  • In terms of hardware – this means that a suitable hardware server configuration is created depending on the client’s specific requirements;

Here are some of the services offered by our company:

I Scheduled visits to the client’s office
II Hardware and IT infrastructure:
  • IT infrastructure design;
  • Consulting services in the integration of new or existing information systems, software applications, etc.;
  • Configurations of IT equipment (servers, network components, etc.);
  • Physical connectivity between the individual components within the IT infrastructure;
  • VMware, Xen, KVM - based virtualization;
  • Implementation of SAN (Storage Area Network) solutions, based on Fibre Channel, iSCSI and other types of technologies;
  • Resource distribution and establishment of clusters for higher reliability and performance;
  • Configuration and maintenance of the client’s own or leased:
    - Databases – MySQL, PgSQL, MS SQL, Oracle
    - Web Servers – Apache, Nginx, IIS, Tomcat
    - Email exchange systems - Exim, Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, Microsoft Exchange
    - File servers (Ftp, Microsoft SharePoint, Samba)
    - Host servers using administration systems such us Cpanel, Plesk, ISPConfig и др.
    - Online radio and TV broadcasting servers
    - Creating a Windows Active Directory
    - Operating systems – Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu и др.)
  • Internet telephony (VoIP):
    - IP-based telephone exchanges (PBX SIP servers);
  • IT infrastructure administration and monitoring;
  • Data backup strategy and data recovery procedures;
  • Consulting in the selection of:
    - IT equipment (HP, IBM, Super Micro, Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Siemens, EMC и др.)
    - Software;
  • Updates of operating systems and the applications running in them;
  • Design, development and integration of individual solutions based on the client’s requirements;
III Network connectivity:
  • Network topology design (physical and logical connectivity);
  • Internet connectivity and Internet redundancy through the use of two or more service providers;
  • Load balancing across multiple computing resources;
  • Configuration and maintenance of firewalls;
  • Establishing a DMZ;
  • Configuration and maintenance of routers and their firmware;
  • Configuration and maintenance of network switches and their firmware;
  • Establishing secure access channels from the Internet (VPN);
  • Establishing wireless networks (Wi-Fi, WDS, HotSpot);
  • Establishing connectivity between sites operated by the client (MAN);
IV Proactive services:
  • IT equipment monitoring and analysis;
  • Monitoring the performance of the main IT infrastructure components;
  • Defining load thresholds for the IT resources;
  • E-mail and SMS alarms in case of events (Warning, Critical and Emergency Alarms);
  • Monthly availability reports;

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