Internet Access for Corporate Customers

The company provides services related to Internet service provision within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, when there is a technical possibility for such services. The quality and speed ranges are guaranteed.

We from Global Electronic Solutions LTD guarantee uninterrupted Internet services through a support network relying on cutting-edge hardware and software resources as well as redundant Internet channels.

Our customers’ connectivity is maintained through the most reliable methods of transmission available – fiber optic connectivity and leased lines.

If your Internet connection is critical to your business, the Internet services provided by Global Electronic Solutions are undoubtedly the best choice for you.

/1/ Business Internet Bandwidth – this service includes access to the global Internet space, providing additional speed to countries such as Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Germany.

/2/ Local BG Internet Bandwidth – this service includes high-speed access to the Bulgarian Internet space and service reliability even for the highest capacities.

Parameters of our Services:

  • Symmetric access channel;

  • Low time delays;

  • Preferential routing and prioritization of different types of traffic;

  • Provision of IP address space – IPv4 or IPv6;

  • Private VLAN-id to the customer;

  • Guaranteed constant monitoring of the customer’s port load through WEB interface;

  • 24/7 Help Desk with a Trouble Ticket system.

Optional parameters:

  • Static and dynamic BGP-4 routing;

  • Secondary DNS at the service provider’s premises;

  • Reliable and secure Internet access;

  • Rented equipment or assistance in purchasing;

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