So. You now have your own webpage, emails with your domain name and a network built in your office.

Or maybe you are thinking of getting all these things done?

In that case you need someone to maintain or build your network, your server, your emails and the overall IT structure of your business.

This is what we from Global Electronic Solutions are here for. To meet all challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises in their communication resources. We can provide developed and tested solutions to meet your IT requirements, regardless of their size. We can fulfill your every wish – from helping you build your network and renting out servers and virtual resources to you, to providing you with servers and virtual resources of your own, and, of course, continuous technical and expert support by our team.

This is the beauty of contemporary communication solutions – your office may be in Sofia, Varna, Silistra, London or New York, while your 24/7 technical support may be in the neighboring town or across the globe.

We are a flexible company and offer options even in this respect – from having someone at your disposal 10 minutes away from your office to never having to meet the people in charge of your support in person.

We are Global Electronic Solutions – we provide hosting, outsourcing and communication services and support, regardless of size and distance.

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